The Bedtime Pass

The bedtime pass is a strategy that was developed by Behaviour Analyst Pat Friman. It’s a great intervention for older toddlers and children from about the age of 3.

If your child is getting out of bed a lot at bedtime or calling out to you and asking for a number of things, your family might be a good candidate for the bedtime pass. It involves giving your child a bedtime pass, literally in the form of pass card that they can exchange to ask for something that they want.

In some instances you might start out with 3 passes and gradually after a few nights reduce it to 2 passes then 1 pass. They can ask for you to bring them something like a drink or for 1 more story or question etc. as long they have a pass. Once they have used the pass, they need to hand it over to the parents. However, many children never end up using the pass. They often end up saving it for safekeeping and it appears to act like a security object.

The great thing about the bedtime pass is that avoids the dreaded extinction burst which means avoiding the shouting and tears that no one wants their child to go through. Children really like this strategy as well so it’s win-win. To learn more about the bed time pass or other strategies that may be suitable for getting your child to go to bed and stay there, contact me on 0861000549 to make an appointment

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