Sinead Walsh BSc MSc BCBA

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst & Paediatric Sleep Specialist
Sinead Walsh is a Licensed Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) who specialises in paediatric sleep. She has a MSc in Behavioural Psychology from Trinity College and a Certification in Child Sleep Training accredited by the OCN (UK). Because her background is in Psychology, subsequently all her work is informed by her knowledge and research on brain development, emotional development and wellbeing and family relationships.

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Sinead Walsh BSc MSc BCBA
Licensed Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) Specialising in Paediatric Sleep

Certified Sleep Consultant


Before starting the process with Sinead, our son would wake almost every hour and relied on us parents to rock him to sleep on our shoulders. A gruelling endeavour indeed! Through working with Sinead, he now settles himself to sleep and will sleep from 7 pm to 630 am. We are absolutely thrilled with... read more

Lisa, Mum of 2

Our little boy was a month shy of 2 and a half and still waking several times during the night and coming to bed with us every night. He’d go down at a different time each night, it could take up to 45 minutes to get him to sleep so we could then put... read more

Anne, Mum of 2

Incredibly nice and helpful person. Sinead was also amazing with my little boy, he would wake three to four times a night but with Sinead’s advice and help he was sleeping through the night in no time…think it took a week or so to get him into a good night time routine and I... read more

Mum of 2,