How I Work

Fully-Remote Sleep Consultancy:

During this pandemic, Better Baby Sleep is fully open and provides a fully-remote sleep consultancy through phone calls, Skype/video calls, and email. I will work with you remotely through whichever communication type (phone/video call/email/text) suits best for you so that there is no risk to you or your children.

It is a difficult time for all families at the moment, and I will help you improve and maintain positive sleep for your children, to ensure you and your family gets the sleep you need during this challenging time.

Sinead Walsh, Certified Sleep Consultant.

Consultation Process

Once you contact me/or call and make an appointment, I will email you a client information form to fill in. This is a detailed form that will provide me with information on your child’s temperament, your child’s development, health issues, family history, your child’s current routine, methods tried in the past and future goals. This will include a simple sleep diary over the course of a few days so I can get a whole picture of your child’s sleep problems and look at specific reasons for your child’s sleeplessness.

Having reviewed your client history form, I will design an individualised sleep plan. This will address the specific reasons your child is having sleep problems and a step by step guide on changes to make. It will be specific to your parenting style ensuring that the plan is one you are comfortable implementing and that it is right for the needs of both your child and your family.

Following this, I will arrange a Skype/video call or regular phone call with you to discuss the plan and tweak any changes that need to be made. I will guide you through all the steps and will leave you with a complete and finalised sleep plan and the confidence to implement it and start gently coaching you child to sleep independently.

I will provide communication via phone and email for the weeks you are implementing the plan so guide you through any issues that may arise.

  • Review of client information
  • Consultation of up to 1 hour via Skype/video call/phone call
  • Designing of individualised sleep plan
  • Follow up support daily with phone calls, texts and email while implementing the plan following initial consultation