Sinead Walsh - Certified Sleep Consultant

Sinead Walsh is a Licensed Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) who specialises in paediatric sleep. She has a MSc in Behavioural Psychology from Trinity College and a Certification in Child Sleep Training accredited by the OCN (UK). Because her background is in Psychology, subsequently all her work is informed by her knowledge and research on brain development, emotional development and wellbeing and family relationships. When Sinead works with families, she keeps in mind that the family dynamic is always in play and find that developing the right sleep plan can really help bolster the strength of the family relationship at such a critical time.

As a mum herself, she understands the damaging effects of sleep deprivation, primarily from her own experience with her three children. She knows how challenging a sleepless baby can be, but is grateful for those experiences because they have allowed her to fully immerse herself in developing solutions, which really work.

With over 15  years’ experience working with children with many types of challenging behaviours, Sinead has successfully developed, implemented and supervised behaviour support plans and sleep plans for many families. She has researched and developed behaviour sleep plans for her own children and for clients, which have had an extremely high success rate. All of Sinead’s sleep plans are gentle, yet highly effective.

As a parent, Sinead can empathise with any parent who is sleep deprived. As a professional, she can work with you to help you solve your child’s sleep problems. She will develop a personalised sleep plan that is specific to your parenting style, ensuring that the plan is one that you are comfortable implementing, and is right for the needs of both your child and your family.

Sinead will provide ongoing and daily support throughout the process. She doesn’t believe in ‘cry it out’ methods. The plan will be gradual and gentle, and will ensure full emotional support for you and your child.

If you are experiencing sleep difficulties with your baby, toddler or older child, Sinead can help you. Within a few weeks, you will see big improvements in your child’s sleeping habits. Sinead here to guide you through the process of helping your child be as happy and healthy as possible. She will work with you to make that happen.